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About "JaKE"?

(the perfect name for what we do)

Jake was a Golden Retriever.  One of those dogs who only crosses your path once in a lifetime.  Jake was intuitive, tireless, had a great sense of humor, he had a fantastic  nose for finding anything we were looking for, and he was unshakably loyal.  JAKE had style.  He was one of a kind and his unwavering focus on us meant that he knew us better than anyone else.  He anticipated our needs, sometimes it seemed he could read our thoughts.  

At JaKE, we create brand & marketing strategies and innovative tactics that make your brand memorable and weave you into the fabric of the community.

At  JAKE, we are focused on understanding you and your business. With a client list of leading organizations, non-profits, national leaders and individual businesses; we have a passion for creating success with whatever marketing, brand and  strategic challenge you're having.

Like the original "Jake," we're intuitive, creative and successful. From branding your business, developing a marketing plan and creating innovative programs and tools, JaKE can create solutions based specifically on your business and brand. 

Affordable, insightful and successful. We're JaKE.


The JAKE agency

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